zondag 15 december 2019


Its wet and dark outside, has been raining for days............ this is not my weather so i put on the 3e Advent candle on my Christmas wreath. The first candle is for stones, the 2e for plants and this 3e is for animals. Seeing (and hearing) my sweet Venus sleeping by my side should make me happy but it doesnt. I'm thinking of my dear friend Yvette she has lost her dog Sjoukie and i know her tears are mingling with the raindrops...........

4 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Martine))) the bushfires are raging in this ancient land Down Under, we could do with some rain for xmas!

    1. Wish i could send all the water thats needed Arlee.................

  2. Martine,

    Op naar het licht van het vierde kaarsje!
    Ik wens je vredige Kerstdagen en een bijzonder goed 2020 toe.