zaterdag 30 mei 2015

The woman born to farming...........

The WoMan Born to Farming

The Grower of Trees, the gardener, the WOman born to farming,
whose hands reach into the ground and sprout,
to her the soil is a divine drug. SHe enters into death
yearly, and comes back rejoicing. SHe has seen the light lie down
in the dung heap, and rise again in the corn.
Her thought passes along the row ends like a mole.
What miraculous seed has She swallowed
That the unending sentence of her love flows out of her mouth
Like a vine clinging in the sunlight, and like water
Descending in the dark?

-Wendell Berry

Ol’ Wendell of course wrote it as though the only farmers were male….

vrijdag 22 mei 2015

Ground control..........

I had four wonderful days at Dorie's Atelier Fiberfusing where i took Irit Dulmans workshop Ground Control. The days flew by....i only can give a short overview.
This is the landscape of Nes i love so much, where heaven kisses the earth. Its incredible only 20 km from Amsterdam..........
You also see my view from the breakfast room.
we have been printing (this is Geranium)
and dying

and both
and then........home again and seeing all the beauties i brought with me and found at home.......
how could i  not miss my garden?
and Venus is very happy to have me ......and ofcourse freshly ironed silks.......back!

maandag 11 mei 2015

Summer in the city.......

Het is pas mei maar vanmiddag ben ik uit de tuin gevlucht, zo warm was het....
Really hot for this time of the year
ondanks de heerlijke muntthee. I love my minttea
maar de bijtjes houden wel van deze temperatuur..........
never too hot for the bees