vrijdag 22 februari 2013

Travelling journals

De afgelopen twee jaar heb ik deelgenomen aan een kunst projekt genoemd travelling journals. Zeven kunstenaars maakten een boek en stuurden dat elkaar toe om erin te laten werken. Mijn boek is nu terug en ik laat enkele foto's zien.

Over the last two years i have been participating in a travelling journal project. We where 7 international artists. We made our own book and send it around so each of us could work in all the books. Mine has arrived and i show some pages.
There are more pages..............i'll show them over time...........

zondag 17 februari 2013

Its all about art

Imagen you want to go to the toilet and take the wrong door.....into the cellar.

Stel je voor dat je niet de deur naar het toilet neemt maar per vergissing die naar de kelder. 
Ter hoogte van je achillespees blijf je dan hangen op de 1e tree met het gewicht van je volle 75 kg daarop.  Die pees kan dat niet aan en scheurt............en jij schreeuwt, zoals nog nooit in je leven!
 Your Achilles tendon tears because this is not the best place for your weight to rest.

Scene 1. Hospital: operation room.
Dr.: which anesthetic do you want? Total anesthesia or epidural?
Mrs B.: Whats best? I have no experiance
Dr.: Total is bad for the brain
Mrs. B.: So give me epidural cause there;s not much brain left anyway.

Scene 2.  Hospital: operation room. Mrs B is situated on her belly on the op table, waiting for things to happen. 
Anesthesist: are you comfy?
Mrs B.: yes and bored, i would like some action.
Anesthesist: would you like to watch the op?
Mrs B.: yes please

Scene 3. operation room.  A camera is placed and a screen for Mrs B to follow the
Two  nice young man, called doktor, start working Mrs. B's leg.
they make two cuts on either side of the Achilles tendon,
they  work on it for a while with a long needle and thread and then close it carefully. Meanwhile discussing what is the most interesting place to celebrate carnaval. 

Mrs B. Thinking................
its all about art. What they do looks alot to  what i do.
They smere alot of color over the working area, they cut and sew and have fun..............

There's only one difference.........my art has no  need of painkillers for two weeks!


dinsdag 12 februari 2013

little bit difficult

life is a bit difficult these days..........give me some time and i tell you about it..............