donderdag 12 augustus 2021

Spannende nachten.............

Ook als ik lang niet hier was betekent niet dat het saai was. Integendeel. Vooral mijn nachten zijn interessant. 

Nu eindelijk in Limburg het zomer wordt is het heerlijk om buiten te zijn, overdag en s'nachts en vooral dat laatste vind ik heel fijn. Zo installeerde ik me  laatste nacht rond 11 h in mijn tuintje met een paar kaarsjes en een glaasje rode wijn. Daar houd ik van en daarom had ik de fles meegenomen zodat ik niet naar binnen moet lopen voor navulling.

Tja , toen dat eerste glas leeg was en ik wilde navullen was dat toch een heel vreemd gevoel..............

Daar zat een knobbel op de fles die er straks niet op zat........vreemd.

Ik verzette het kaarsje een beetje zodat ik beter kon zien en zag tot mijn verbijstering een slak !!!

Ik weet een beetje van slakken, dat ze van kruiden houden (ze eten altijd mijn eerste basilicum op en houden verder van bijne alle groenten. 

Wat ik niet wist, en nu zag, ze houden blijkbaar ook van rode wijn..............of houden ze enkel van het op en neer lopen over die fles?

Duidelijk is dat ik nieuwe dingen leer over de natuur, in het donker van de nacht, onder het genoet van een glas wijn,

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  1. Martine.....i think of you when i get to a certain place on this winding road i drive, it looks off over a deep valley far
    into the distance and it makes me think of you, there, looking Out
    Love to you, grace

  2. My dear Martine,

    Seeing your comments on grace's blog and Jude's well, I just had to come here and say that I have missed coming here. you are missed. I did have your blog entry translated and what delight to see that snails like wine...ha! very gourmet snails you have. I am still in the same city in New Mexico but had to move this year to an apartment as our landlord wanted to sell the house we were renting. To my delight, we have an apple tree in front,many birds, even a humming bird, road runners, New Mexico's state bird often in our backyard, lizards and two rabbits who like to munch on fallen apples. We no longer have land for a garden but I always need to have herbs so they are grown in pots, especially rosemary and I have a few pots of tomatoes, Chile peppers, Swiss chard and just this week, Egyptian waling onions have sprouted. grace had shared her onions with me.

    I imagine that the pandemic has prevented you from your yearly travels to Glastonbury...autumn is here in this part of the world, my favorite season, as the earth bursts into color from changing leaves and the harvest time comes; a time for gathering all that will sustain us in the coming winter, food for the body, food for the mind and soul; the coming tome of quiet is one that I always look forward to. May this season go well for you.

    1. Dear Marti,
      how nice to see you here. I'm not often visiting blogs nowadays, although i enjoy the conversations very much.
      So good you can enjoy the wildlife in the apple tree and still can have herbs around you. I didnt know you and Grace lived nearby. I'm going to write to Grace but must wait for my eyes to rest a bit more, cannot be on a screen to often or long.
      Yes the pandemic didnt let me travel to Glastonbury. Sadly i wont get there again because i may not travel without a jab. Alas.......
      Autum i coming here too and i love it. The colors, the smells, the atmosphere. Enjoy the season dear Marti............

  3. grace and I no longer live nearby, she moved from New Mexico in 2017 to California but we keep in touch. She mailed me some of her onions so I could share in the unique experience of Egyptian walking onions.

    Somehow autumn always reminds me of you so I am glad to know that you love this season.

  4. In this time of the quiet season, my dear Martine, I send you a Winter Solstice Celtic blessing:

    Deep peace of the running waves to you.
    Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
    Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
    Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
    May the beauties of the earth, sky and sea
    Fill your heart with lasting peace and contentment.