dinsdag 21 april 2015

Bees and???????

No i'm not going to tell you the story of the birds and the bees because you all know that. I wanted to tell you how wonderful an afternoon in spring in a tiny citygarden can be. Allmost too warm for april and i enjoyed the day, sitting there and stitching bees...........
Here in the comfrey they where humming........... so lovely to my ears as i was stitching them.....
and drinking minttea........
and who happens to get a bee in the postbox could possibly get a Venushair with it,
here you see why.

Liebe Brigitte....nächsten Sommer summen die Bienen auch wieder für Dich!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. zoals jij het beschrijft wordt het bijna poëtisch, martine! :-))

    geluk zit soms ..
    in een klein bijtje, eh! ;-))

  2. heaven !
    en de aarde geeft veel he Martine.........every day i touch the bee next to me ( your artstitch) and imagine good vibes for the earth

    1. Thats what theyre made for sweetie.......good vibes for people and the earth..........

  3. De bij in de hoofdrol in de natuur maar ook jou
    bijen kunst.....prachtig ,Venus op jou kleine lapjes deken!
    Martine mooi bij een gebracht.

  4. (((Martine))) your bee cloths being blessed by the beautiful Venus are so full of the warmth and playfulness of spring!