vrijdag 9 juni 2017

Earth Matters.............

The coat was given, she was happy with it. We had long talks and a lovely dinner. Then i visited today Earth Matters, a very interesting and beautiful exposition. I met new friends and old friends and enjoyed the wonderful works of India Flint. She was there,  beautiful as always.......... I want everybody to see this expo.......
important for people to see there are artists that work with natural fibers, organic ingredients. This show gave me hope. Because i saw how hard people work to make a better world. The bad guys "as i call them" scream so hard, but these artists make beauty,  very quietly. And beauty lasts longer then screams. Dont you think?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. echt wel...what a delight to be in the silence of nature art.....and yes india flint.....

  2. ... daar rekenen we maar op !!!!
    Ahhhhh India !

  3. Martine schoonheid gaat met stilte en liefde samen.
    een schoonheid achter deze dame.........
    groetjes Christiene