donderdag 6 februari 2014

R.I.P. my beloved David

this is my son David as he sat in my often. Eachtime he visited me we sat in the garden because he liked to smoke his rollies and i didn't like the smell.  Two weeks ago he asked me if i liked coffee in the garden. I said no, it was raining and 6 degrees. We talked about art for hours...painting, grafitti, textile art, drawing.........he knew about all and was not shy to tell me about it. He had a very confident taste. He played with Venus my little cat...he was the only male who Venus, the shy one,  liked.
Then after more rollies and lots of coffee he went upstairs in the atelier he had in my loft. The smell of the ironpaint went trough the whole neighborhood and i complaint about that also. I often complaint about lots of stupid things.
Now he's gone, i put him in the fire yesterday and learnt a new kind of  friendship.
David had a very large circle of friends and they where with me and Chris (my oldest son) all the hours we needed them. They worked for days on music, pictures and art and showed all of this on his funeral.

I would love you to listen to this song but dont know how to upload it.
I dont know how to live on without my son..............time will show.
For time being i stay with the love of my son/daughter in law. The love of my friends......walks along the river and to much red wine..............

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  1. Lieve Martine, je bent in mijn gedachten. Wat een vreselijk groot verlies.
    Ik wens je veel troost en kracht toe om dit te kunnen dragen.
    Een hele warme omhelzing vanaf hier -X-

  2. Ach Martine, ik ken je niet, maar toch ook weer wel. Wat heb ik vaak aan je gedacht de afgelopen week! Wat een verlies, wat een mooi mens, hoe kan dat nou..... Ik wens je heel veel kracht toe en 'loop naast je'....
    Dag Hannah

  3. Thank you Martine for sharing these photos of your dear David, for giving us these words. I have no words to say how to go on from this loss but I do know from losses in my own life that we take it one day at a time, letting memories and love that never ends, wrap around us as we move about, one step at a time..

  4. Ach lieverd, wat kan ik zeggen...woorden lijken zo leeg met dit immense verdriet!
    Weet dat ik aan je denk heel veel liefs en sterkte, een warme knuffel...

  5. Ik heb de afgelopen tijd ook veel aan jullie gedacht. Ik ken je ook niet persoonlijk. (Je hebt in het verleden eens kaarten van me gekocht, dat weet ik wel). Je hebt nog niet zo lang geleden je zus verloren herinner ik me en nu dus dit, je kind, zo erg. Ik wens je heel veel sterkte de komende tijd. Woorden schieten tekort, he? Ik ga nog meer aan je denken en wens dat je een manier vind om dit alles te verwerken. Veel liefs van Geri

  6. woorden schieten te kort ..

    heel veel sterkte met dit immense verdriet!

    ik leef met je mee, martine ..

  7. Wat kan ik tegen je zeggen???
    Heel veel sterkte, Martine.

  8. Lieve Martine,
    Heel veel sterkte Martine
    te erg voor woorden
    ik leef met je mee en wens je alle kracht.
    Liefs Christiene.

  9. Martine...i don't know if these words will work here, because there will be so few to tell it, not like if we could
    sit together in the garden and hand words back and forth,
    but i will give them and we can see.
    My most loved friend of my Heart, a woman older than i with so SO much in her own life, the most brilliant
    woman, human being, that i have ever known...her name, Marjorie Burke Price. she once explained to me
    in a way that gave deep and lasting understanding, that Some One's Birth, Life and then Death belong to THEM.
    for Them to know the deepest. just as, then, our own Birth, Life and Death belong to us. Our deaths do not
    belong to anyone else. The Love that is shared during life belongs to both, that is a together. but the deaths,
    not. So his death belongs to him, just as his choosing to be born belonged to him.
    The Love shared. yes. But the grief now is for those left behind who ache for his presence. But he chose. he is
    free. it belongs to him. For you now, to fulfill your own Life. it's what we are here to do.
    i hope these words come softly, not hard. i wish i could say them with my voice and touch. but i have carried
    her words with me for many many years, and tho she herself died long ago, i can still hear her voice, speaking
    them to me. and now each time i smoke one of my stinky rollies, i will smile up at your David. and when i
    have a glass of red wine, i will extend my hand across the ocean to you.
    so much love to you, who has always watched over me through her window...

  10. Ik weet het ... Dit is maar een magere troost
    When something terrible happens, you think that it may change your world and nothing will ever be the same. You will never be happy again, but really good things can still happen in your life.

  11. Martine,

    Ik lees hier nu pas dit droevige bericht.
    Het verlies van jouw zoon moet een ontzettend gemis voor jou (jullie) zijn.
    Veel sterkte en for sure you will remember him, zoals in het liedje gezongen wordt.