woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Nog even wachten....

There are two very nice women who always keep old leaves for me in there flowershop.
Now i want to give something in return but it takes so long........

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  1. Ohhh wachten op iets leuks, spannends...dan duurt het wachten altijd zo lang! ;-)
    Het ziet er veelbelovend uit!

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    1. Nee Yvette ik probeer nog een paar dagen te wachten...........

  3. Martine, what gorgeous bundles, such rich color, like persimmons or sometimes the wonderful sunrises here in New Mexico. What did you use to get that amazing color? Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on Indias found, stitched and dyed blog regarding the cloth I made to honor the land here in New Mexico. I first "met" you when we were a part of the tree wrapping project from Kaitie in Australia.

    1. Marti i used eucalyptus and i'll wait a few days more to ensure the inside of the bundles is colorful as the outside because it is nunofelt.
      You had very nice colors on your new Mexico piece too. I allready said how much i love it.

      Ofcourse i remember where we "met". That was a very interessting project, our tree wrapping. I took mine even with me on holiday to Italy............

  4. ohhh .. mijn vingers kriebelen om het open te maken .. ;-))

    fijn weekend, martine!!

  5. Martine,

    Geduld is een schone zaak, wat beloond zal worden met nog "schonere kleuren".



  6. Martine,het wonder der natuur met prachtige kleuren
    nog even geduld Martine ... ook voor de dames.
    Een groetje Christiene.