zaterdag 25 augustus 2012

Hands of the master

I love it when a person is knowing what he does and certainly Michel Garcia knows............
I attended a three day workshop with him at Atelier Zijdeling in Tilburg and got a lot wiser.
This man knows what he is doing, unbelieveble. We where 12 woman and hat a hard time following his lessons. I enjoyed every minute of it.
he played with Indigo and i got much wiser on the subject. And on a lot of other things. 
Thank you Michel and thank you Karina....

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ha Martine,met goede leer meesters blijft de les goed hangen en je bent veel wijzer geworden.
    Als mijn wasje deze kleur krijgt is er iets goed fout....
    Groetjes Christiene.

  2. I have just grown some indigo plants and now want to dye with it. I wonder if you could point me in the correct direction to learn how! Glad you had funx Lucky you learning from the best. Lynda

  3. oh, wat jammer dat ik geen tijd had om hier naar toe te gaan, want dan het ik jou kunnen ontmoeten ..... echt heel jammer.